how can I help an author?

Spread the word!! 


First of all, aren’t you downright fabulous for even clicking on this post! The author community is grateful for people like you that want to help spread the word about books you love. There is so much negativity in the world, adding anything positive is a welcome sprinkling of fairy dust—just a bit magical.  WE NEED YOU!! 

Here are some things you can do when you find a book or author you like:

1. Tell your friends and family. Pass along the book for them to read! Word of mouth is very powerful.

2. If you can, post a review or leave a rating. Amazon, Goodreads, Barns and Noble... these are all big and powerful influences. Reviews are so important to authors! Go ahead and login, then spell out whatever your fantastic heart desires. Even one word like ‘Great’ or something as simple as ‘Hey, this didn’t suck!’ would be totally cool.

3. While you are signed in, click on ‘Like’ or ‘Helpful’ next to the positive reviews. This will bring your review closer to the top and push the negative ones to the bottom. If you can't leave a review, this would be the next best thing! 

4. Send the author a message! Kind words are like gas in the tank when that blank piece of paper has absorbed all an author’s energy. Feedback keeps us going!

 *If you send me a pic of yourself with one of my books (it can even be a photo on your computer) I will post your extraordinary mug on my website for the whole world to ooh and ahh over. (See the section WALL OF AWESOME)

5. Request your local library to carry the book. Everyone wins!!

6. Do you have a blog? Facebook page? Twitter or Instagram? Give a shout out! I am LOUD... so if you tag me or hashtag me, stand back a moment and—wait for it—you’ll hear my thank you soar your way in a high-pitched, excitedly-thankful yelp.

7. Pour a glass of seven up, iced tea, or maybe a little red wine, and toast yourself; you’ve supported an author AND the arts and are absolutely awesome.


  *Because of you, the world is shining a bit brighter*