Short Version:

I started off a singer/songwriter and ended up here in author land. What a journey! The inspiration to write snuck up on me one day, and two years later my first novel, SERENADE was born. I realized I could tell more of a story in a book than a three-minute song, so I switched careers to focus on writing full time. Dreaming up stories and discovering new things about this form of creativity fuels me every day. I want to affect people the way my favorite books affected me, and if I've made you feel something through my writing or given you any sort of a zing...well, ooh la la that excites me more than anything. I am wildly grateful for each and every reader!


Sometimes frozen and sometimes boiling here in Alberta Canada, yoga keeps me grounded and sane, and so do my amazing family and fat dogs. Fueled often by bourbon, coffee and heavy doses of maple syrup, when not writing I’m usually pounding away at the piano, singing my lungs out, or applying acrylic paint to canvas and pretending I’m Monet.


Write, Record, Paint... repeat. :) 



So many stories! Book to come :)




This is the boss. He rules the roost. Works for cheap. Hasn't mastered traffic circles. Great barista, horrible chef, reluctant accountant, great backup singer but his breath is questionable.


My paintings are hanging out here at Fine Art America: