RHAPSODY- Book Three of the Nightmusic Trilogy

*Available Jan 7, 2019, digital and June 24, 2019, print


Luke’s life is hanging by a thread and Kaya has minutes to save him. That means going back to her father and facing a fate worse than death–and Thomas won’t have it. It’s not just their lives on the line though. The fate of many depends on Kaya’s heartbeat; Henry has a weapon of mass destruction, and he intends to use it. 


With the help of her new-found family, Kaya tries to find a way to stop her father, but simply surviving might be the only answer. Finding an inner strength she never thought possible, she vows to do whatever it takes to gain control and save the man she loves–and nobody can stop her.  


Time is ticking...


A spine-tingling thrill ride that explores the depths of true-love, Rhapsody is the gripping conclusion of the Night music Trilogy.           













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