Five (2015) - Cd

Released 2015, 11 tracks written by Heather McKenzie and produced by Stew Kirkwood. 

My fourth solo album! I am happy to finally release 'FIVE' and it's about darn time. The cart went before the horse on this album, luckily the horse didn't trip! Everything was set up; grant money to get the deed done, studio time, musicians, I even had my outfits planned.... but no songs. So, I hid in my basement for about a week, wrote a bunch, drank a lot of wine, came up with 20 tunes and narrowed it down to the 11 on this album. My inspiration? The amazing people I have met in the music business, my band mates, ex band mates, and soul mate. Why call the album 'Five'? ( I know that's a question you are dying to ask)well...on one particularly difficult 'I'm feeling sorry for myself' kind of day, my favorite guitar player sent me the most uplifting email, he reminded me of five very important things that I should never forget. That email became a song, that song is Five, and I liked it so much it became name of the album. 

So hey, if you're taking the time to listen to these songs, thank you! And if you like em... that rocks. 
Hugs and happiness! ~Heather

Produced by Stew Kirkwood
Written by Heather McKenzie
Recorded at Sound Extractor Studio, Edmonton, Canada 
Drums: Byran Bueckert
Guitars: Grant Tarapacki and Stew Kirkwood
Bass: Brian Vincent
Vocals, keys, and fluffy bits: Heather McKenzie