about me


Heyo! I am an author, singer/songwriter and aspiring artist from Canada. I've been on the music scene since the 80's touring, writing, recording, spending grant money and meeting a helluva lot of amazing people along the way. A few years ago I discovered writing and am now calling myself an author. Painting keeps me grounded and sane when writing makes me want to tear out my eyeballs, and so does my amazing family in the beautiful and often frozen province of Alberta. Canada rocks!

If you've read this much, whoa! Then here are the stats: My first novel, SERENADE, book one of the Nightmusic Trilogy, was released April, 2017, and the second book in the series, NOCTURNE, will be released spring, 2018 with the third, RHAPSODY, winter of 2018. My album FIVE was released in 2015 with the songs 'Damn You' and 'Exterior' as the radio singles. Other albums 'Decoy (2012), Eleven Eleven (2009) with the radio single 'All I Need', and Every Waking Moment (2006) are available on iTunes, as well as a compilation project with Edge To Echo for the album 'The Lies That Bind', cool hard rock stuff available on CDBaby. I have a newly opened ETSY store to sell my art, as well as prints on Fine Art America because my closets are spilling over. 

Paint, write, record... repeat. :)  

Thanks for stopping by, cheers and hugs!!




Manager: Dwight - reluctant accountant, backup singer, bus driver, manager, barista, horrible chef


This is the boss. He rules the roost. Works for cheap. Hasn't mastered traffic circles...much like everyone else :)